(TOG) Temple Of The Gods ASA 🌟PVE🌟 Discord.gg/thetemple


The Temple of the Gods is more than just a cluster; its a community, a family, and a group of players committed to supporting, encouraging, and entertaining each other. Our owners and admins are focused and driven by the needs and ideas of our players; all major decisions regarding the cluster are discussed openly with the community. We may very well have started a small cluster with one map, but in our first 6 months, and thanks to the support of our community, we have secured two years for the full cluster, including all maps and continued financial support for anything that comes up. Whether you're looking to fight through the bosses, play the story from start to end, breed to your hearts content, or meet new friends, this cluster is built for you, by players like you. 🌟Custom Drops, Spawns, and Boss Loot: while carefully balanced, all loot rewards are customized in our cluster to keep all rewards worthwhile. 🌟Balanced Stats and Gameplay: all aspects of the cluster are maintained and carefully balanced, to maintain a grind without making the game impossible. 🌟Active and Proactive Admins: admins work diligently to keep the cluster balanced, clean, and maintained, including seeking input from the player base before changes are made. 🌟No Wipe, Longterm: we don't think you should have to start over any more than you do, which is why we are a long term, no wipe cluster. 🌟In Game Currency and Admin Shop: while we all love the grind, the ability to have some things easily accessible is one of the perks of an unofficial cluster. Our in game currency is easily obtainable through standard gameplay, no purchase necessary. 

We have a full ASE cluster and ASA Island with funds to secure any new map releases.

ASA: We have quality of life mods installed, including Alfa Ocean platforms, ASR building, better breeding and even the Ark Additions dinos! We have all of our mod information in our discord. 

📱Discord: https://discord.gg/thetemple

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