★ ☆ ★Virtual Friends Ascended: The Island★ ☆ ★


☆~♥~Virtual Friends~♥~☆

Established in 2018

30X PvE Crossplay

Starter Pack 
Modded Drops 
Players Shop  
Regular Fun events 
Helpful & Active Admin Team 
Friendly Community 
Monthly Giveaways 

Facebook & Discord groups with Server Rules, Information, Giveaways, Bonus Events, Community Chats. 

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Our Discord:

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ASA Server:

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/VF Ascended

ASE Server List:

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Island Falls

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Scorched

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/RagTasic

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Daberation

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Extinopia

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/ValLegion

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Crystallake

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Generations

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/Land of lost

Virtual Friends/30xBoosted/theEndgame


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