Ark_Life2017 PVP OC/AUS


My friends and I decided to create our own private dedicated server and are looking to populate it with likeminded mature players who enjoy the game and pvp but like us just don’t have the time to survive on official PVP servers.

We are looking to create a more casual style PVP server with more open world pvp and less offline raiding.

The server is on most of the time we shut it down for a break once a week for around 5 hours.

The server settings are currently xp 3 / harv 3/ Everything else is pretty standard.

If this is something that might interest you add the below PSN and we will send you an invite.

SERVER NAME : Ark_Life2017

MAP : The Center

LOCATION : Australia

IF you have any questions send me a PM PSN TheOutsider00

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