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Rented Server
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 50 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 1x
Breeding-Value 1x
XP-Value 1x
Harvest-Value 15x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 20-50 Mbit
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Graham
Votes 0
Saved as favorit 0
Hits 324
Country South Africa ZA
A SOUTH AFRICA SERVER , good ping if you stay in the motherland. Competitive arena. Quick taming/ Quick base building for genuine PVP action. Add Mikee127gh if you feel you can handle the punch. Motto: Do not get too attach to your dinos.

Rules are :
  • NO full on base wiping,

  • NO picking on defensive less bases, only bases with turrets however if they are in metal then u can,

  • only take what u need out of a base, no destroying of crafting tools if you can avoid it

  • don't empty out the base,

  • server stats are 15 gathering,

  • Alliance allowed

  • PvP
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