[PvE, PvP & Prim+] 🌟🌙DREYMA🌙🌟- Discord.gg/dreyma

Welcome to the Dreyma Ark Survival Evolved Server Cluster!

Join us on our adventure with our growing and active community! This cluster is a safe space that encourages uniqueness, having fun with others and takes pride in being a non-toxic, friendly community. We have prepaid our maps for long-term (One year+) and don't plan to go anywhere any time soon!

If you are looking for a non-toxic, player focused place to pay ark and make friends, whether it be on regular Ark Survival Evolved play mode or Primitive+ play mode, check out Dreyma and join our community today.

What we offer:

★All maps PVE★
★PvP seasons that wipe every 2 months!★
★Prim+ Maps (Currently Rag, Val, Aberration & Scorched Earth)★
★Starter tames for both regular and prim+★
★Giveaways and events★
★Helpful staff★
★Bushberry currency that is used to trade and buy dinos and items★
★Admin shops★
★Player shops★
★A wonderful community of 4K+ players★


🌐Website🌐 - https://www.dreymaark.com
📱Discord📱 - https://discord.gg/dreyma
🇫 Facebook 🇫 - https://facebook.com/DreymaCluster/
📺Youtube 📺 - https://youtube.com/channel/UCMgWVbWfe9bAO3-Bil8sZl
🎥 Twitch 🎥 - https://twitch.tv/Dreyma_Emperor
📷 Instagram 📷 - https://www.instagram.com/dreymacluster/?utm_medium=copy_link

We hope to see you there, the server is still growing and more is to be added and changed!
Nickname (max 100 players) Number of votes cast within the current month
Ifrit747 29
Natasfonos2659 29
DaniBeess 27
Moke 18
Joelyellowvk 18
Monarch 15
Yellowvk 14
Nevets0677 14
Missmaam 10
B-Tarpey 10
Cliney45 9
BlondeZillaa 7
dSeptuMiss 7
kingston 4
Baucent69 2
KaylaB 2
CrimsonFire169 1
Justjake 1
WyrdSeed 1
MidnightMelody14 1
Ellcry 1
LuciferKing1 1
AsWe 1
Moonie 1

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