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Rented Server 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Crystal Isles
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 100 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 10x
Breeding-Value 25x
XP-Value 25x
Harvest-Value 25x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 50 Mbit and more
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner James Lockwood
Votes 0
Hits 1805
Country United Kingdom GB


****FRESH WIPE 03/09/2020*****

See Below for slight changes!!!


  • 8 Week Seasons (With an optional 2 week extension if voted for by the community) Huge Everyone vs the Alpha Event with Admin Shop Prizes for the next season Streamed on YT/Twitch - then Full Wipe!

  • NO ORP Across the Cluster! Double Turret Damage and Double Structure Health - ALWAYS (As MTS ORP isn't possible on console / without a Mod)

  • Added a PvE Map (The Island) for those who want to learn the Game then transfer to a PvP Map in the cluster afterwards. NO ITEMS OR DINOS CAN BE TRANSFERRED IN or OUT PVE. Your naked character can Transfer out though.

  • The PvE map will NEVER WIPE - though if performance / laaag gets too bad then we will vote on a wipe.

  • This means NO RULES on PvP on any of the other servers!! (Other than the usual no cheating/insiding/being a nob)

  • FRIENDLY FIRE Enabled!! Shoot carefully - this adds to realism
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