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PSN Name SquaredSausage - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map The Center
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 60 players
Taming-Value 25-times
Breeding-Value 25-times
XP-Value 25-times
Harvesting-Value 25-times
Password protected?
Roleplay server Not a Roleplay server
Exclusive Join without whitelist
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner James Lockwood
Votes 1
Hits 728
Country United Kingdom GB


FRESH WIPE 31/07/2020

[PS4] ClusterFuk / UK / 25x / CrazyCustomLoot / ALL DLC Dinos - No DLC Required.

  • BoostedPremiumServer

  • PvPWithManners

  • Players Needed - No Bellends :)

  • Join our Discord:

  • Alreet Folks,
    We are looking for friendly new PVP players on our Ps4 Server. We have 20 slots on each map currently but will increase if demand is high & consistent!

  • Friendly Scottish Admins we are on most days / nights - Always happy to help polite people :)

  • 6 Max in a Tribe - 1 Alliance Allowed - Though helping others / new players is encouraged!

  • This is supposed to be fun so no griefing or nonsense, banter & PvP is encouraged,

  • Put SAFE in your tribe name to get raid immunity for your first 5 days - gives you a chance to build up

  • This is an almost modded experience! Very Hard Dinos but lots of quality of life improvements.

    This is a unique cluster where fishing is very much encouraged - the rewards are crazy! so that if you get smashed or lose your stuff in the Lava - it doesn't take long to restock.

    "Dragon Island"
  • In Snow Biome, The Center full of very high level:[li]
    [li]Dragons & Drakes

  • Tek BPs, Fertilised Wyvern, Rock Drake, Magmasaur & Megachelon Eggs in Certain Special Drops!!

  • Tek Drops From certain boosted alphas - you still need a tek rep & the engram/bosswin to craft any of it

  • "Underworld Boss Cave"
  • Extinction Cave --All Extinction Mechanical Units + Rock Drakes - High Risk - High Reward - one on every map.

  • "Underworld Boss Cave"
    Broodmother Boss Roams free in this cave = Pain but great rewards.

    "Deep Ocean Boss "
    The Water Boss from Genesis roams freely down here on ALL MAPS. Careful down there in the dark!

  • TekGrams AutoUnlock @ level 100 - though you will still need a BP or drop

  • Tek Replicator Boss Drops / Tek Replicator Uncraftable - (Custom Recipe Costs 1x Tek replicator)

  • ALL Genesis, Scorched Earth, Aberration, Extinction Tech Tree - Auto unlocks when you hit the normal level requirement

  • Element / Fishing Rods / Aberration Resources in Custom Beaver Dams

  • Cluster Maps:The Center, Valguero, Ragnarok - Crystal Isles Coming Soon!

  • Dino Level: 210 (Tek DInos +20% - Wyverns / Drakes + 100%)

  • Difficulty: 7

  • Offline Raid Protection - 5 Minutes Timer

  • Build Boats & Turrets - x5 Structure Limit

  • PvP with manners

  • 25x Harvest / 10X Tame / X25 XP / x35 Breed

  • Stackmod [1000s]

  • Significantly increased Both Player & Tame; Stamina, Weight, Slightly boosted movement & swim speed Oxygen Stats

  • Half Price Fuel / 5x Crop Speed

  • Pickup Structures Indefinately

  • 3hrs of day, 30 mins of night on all maps


  • Crosshairs & 3rd Person Enabled

  • Exotic Saddles / Primitive Items / Tek Items Chance in Rare Loot

  • Ziplines / Wingsuits / Climbing Picks

  • ** Premium Boosted PvP Server Hosted in UK**


  • Whales

  • Alpha Whales

  • Eels

  • Seagulls

  • [[Added:]]

  • Deathworms

  • Thorny Dragons

  • Gacha

  • Gasbags

  • Griffins

  • Maganamr

  • Mantis

  • Snow Owl

  • Velonasuar

  • Rock Elementals

  • BloodStalker

  • Ferox

  • Abberant Otters

  • Ravagers

  • X-SabreTooth

  • Aberrant Sabre

  • Aberrant Baryonyx

  • Aberrant Dire Bear

  • Aberrant Spinos

  • Abberant Megapthiticus

  • Alpha Wyvern, All Wyvern Types

  • Rock Drakes

  • Featherlights

  • ShineHorns

  • Roll Rats

  • X-Rock Elemental

  • X-Argentavis

  • Moeder

  • BroodMother

  • X-Basilsaur

  • X-Megaladon

  • X-Mososaur

  • X-Dunkleostes

  • X-Argentavis

  • Scout

  • Enforcer

  • Mek

  • Megachelon

  • Parakeet / Spore Swarm

  • [[Basically all the quality shizzle!!]]

    Open to suggestions / bug reports - open a ticket on discord.
    Hope to see you soon! (hopefully not wrecking my base).

    Search "ClusterFuk" - no password

    Any bellends will be binned & banned!
    Ideally no kids but all well-mannered are welcome.

    Cheers xxx

    Breeding Chart Link - Breeding Chart Link:

    Future Plans:

    Adminshop / Starter Packs
    Custom Events like Naval Battles, Boxing, Pink Slip Dino Fighting & Racing




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    Gh0ul_eagle 1
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