GermanElitePandas Cluster-Server

PSN Name BlackDikay - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 100 players
Taming-Value 20-times
Breeding-Value 20-times
XP-Value 10-times
Harvesting-Value 20-times
Password protected?
Roleplay server Not a Roleplay server
Exclusive Join without whitelist
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVE-Server
Server Owner Panda
Votes 0
Hits 1384
Country Germany DE


3 years online & so it will stay ....
>>>> A new age begins ....

/// Homepage
/ Discord (link on the homepage)
/ Big PS4 Community
Welcome to the GermanElitePandas Boosted Cluster Server ....

So you can join us:
>> "Join Ark" Click ...
>> ServerFilter (Bottom left) on "Unoffical Pc Servers"
>> Enter GermanElitePandas
>> Now you see our servers in the cluster and can start: D.
>> Add the PS4 Community for the StarterPack, and please write on which server you want to start & how many you are


(By entering our server, each player agrees to the server rules.)
(GermanElitePandas Ark Server)
§1 The PS4 Community is required!
§2 One-time starter pack for a lighter start with us (distributed by the admin's)
On only starter pack ... we will not answer !! (First the community Adden & come to the server)
§3 Adminshop (From level 75 you can do things there buy / exchange)
§4 element transfer Every 2 sundays in the month possible
(40% tax on each map)
§5 Insults or racist statements are of course prohibited!
§6 Spam messages are forbidden.
§7 advertising for other servers will not be tolerated.
§8 Dino eggs that are not needed, please EAT! DO NOT throw from the inventory!
§9 Game errors or bugs are reported to the adminteam.
§10 alliances are possible and desired.
§11 PVP wars should be discussed with the Tribe founders.
§12 It should be kept enough distance to the neighbor base (out of sight).
§13 bases in spawn points, MUST have an exit. Every new player must be able to leave this base easily!
§14 The 3 Arks, the artifacts and large resources occur should not be built.
§15 Grabbing / packing other players to kill them is strictly prohibited!
§16 Throwing wild dinosaurs into foreign bases is absolutely forbidden and will be punished!
§17 New events are always announced in advance in the community.
§18 buildings that are not used, must be demolished.
§19 Each Tribe may have a maximum of 3 bases. (1 main base and 2 farm bases)
§ 20 NO territories may be reserved or staked. (allowed in the base)
§ 21 Every 4 weeks the automatic structure decay is activated. This is then 14 days active.
(Unused bases expire automatically during this time) (It is announced in the community)
§ 22 About Large bases causing the still images & leading to Ce errors must be minimized!
Here is the § Build out of sight
§ 23 Per player are 3 kites allowed on the map (what you have in the cryocapsule does not matter)
Legg`s Prevent !!
§ 24 Unsuitable dinosaurs to the SHOW please refrain, please have only the dinos out there that you really need, use cryocapsule
§ 25 For Support's Please Add the Complete ADMIN Team to a Ps4 Newsgroup

BLACKDIKAY, YP_Dee-B, Dark_Soldier_933, worlone, opelet2003

So that a fast support for the server is possible !!!

All information can be found on our homepage

The basic rules of the CLUSTER SERVER are on our homepage

Additional settings:

No offline protection on our PVP map
-to player max LVL 170 Possible
Stack Sice on X3
- we are available 24/7 for support
-Third person activates
Crosshairs enabled
Hit marker enabled
-Friendly Fire enabled
-Maximum Difficulty activated (15)
Player location visible on map
-PVP gamma activated
Build Limit Increased
-Dino limit increased
-Element transfer to another server Every 2nd Sunday through an admin possible, (40% taxed)

Starter Pack for Easy Start:
Owl LVL 300
Griffin LVL 300
Argentarvis LVL 300
Pteranodon LVL 300
The Dinos have the bonus LVL on top
In addition, there is a masterful ax & pick

GermanElitePandas server


• GermanElitePandas PVE EXTINCTION
• GermanElitePandas PVE Ragnarok
• GermanElitePandas PVE SE
• GermanElitePandas PVE TheIsland
• GermanElitePandas PVE TheCenter
• GermanElitePandas PVE aberration
• GermanElitePandas PVP Ragnarok EVENT-SERVER
• GermanElitePandas Pve Valguero

• All major events will be in the PS4 community 3 days in advance,
• They are created regularly on the weekend or spontaneously.
• Registration is required at the big event's THROUGHOUT the PS4 Community

The events:
• Dino Alpha Event
• Loot Drop Event
• Fishing Event
• Boss Cave event
• Sniper event
• Angry Bob
• Find The Box OR The Dino
• ARKashisCastle

Current Vote list for December

10x votes = 1 Dino coloring
15x votes = Rex Level 450 Spawn
20x votes = 750 Panda-Berry`s
22x Votes = Alpha Boss Items (1 Run) except Valguero
25x votes = 1 Alpha carno spwan lvl 600
31x voen = 250% imprint on 1 dino of you

We wish a lot of success & fun with us on the cluster

Love that
German Elite pandas team




Nickname (max. 100 Players) Number of votes this month
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