Crimson Tsunami


PSN-Name DeReaperX33 - (Show information about this player)
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Rented Server 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Valguero
Daily availability 24/7 Online
Players Max. 10 Players


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Server Details

Taming-Value 99x
Breeding-Value 1x
XP-Value 99x
Harvest-Value 99x
Server cluster
Password protected
Roleplay Server
Exclusive Join - Without whitelist
Upload Speed 50 Mbit and more
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Jon Medeiros
Votes 0
Saved as favorit 0
Hits 590
Country United States US


We have Instant tameing, Harvesting X100, Offline Raid Protection, boosted stats for players and tames, modded drops soon to have Tek Drops, S+ features enabled. Also clustered with our Extinction Server with same stats. Number of slots will increase as we see the server grow. Any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to message DeReaperX33.
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