PSN Name Spoorzoeker - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Valguero
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 32 players
Taming-Value 20-times
Breeding-Value 20-times
XP-Value 5-times
Harvesting-Value 5-times
Password protected?
Roleplay server Not a Roleplay server
Exclusive Join without whitelist
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Henk
Votes 0
Hits 1552
Country Netherlands NL



Feel free to join our server.
Ark original 5x STACKMOD (PVP) EU/USA 5xFarming 20xTaming/Mating (NO ADMIN ABUSE) [adminPSN:spoorzoeker]

!!!!!!!MODDED DROPS!!!!!!
The center

Boosted drops
All engrams incl. Tek gear
Admin shop ( black pearls currency)
NO wipes
White flag acces
Friendly server

• Do NOT attempt to build bases in or store/breed dinos of any kind in any kind of loot/artifact cave.
• Do NOT place Offline Guard System Pillars at Oil resources to prevent people from destroying Oil Pumps or placing a own Oil Pump.
• Do NOT place random Automatic Defense Structures like Auto Turrets etc on the map.
• Admins will structure wipe your tribe if you’re structures are found in these zones.
• Admins will dino wipe your tribe if your dinos are found in these zones.

—START UP DINO! If you want a start up dino ask admin
• I Will not give you a Wyvern or Rock Golem or something.
• Only a Ptera, Griffin or Argie

• A White Flag tribe is one which does not take part in PvP/Raids, meaning you MUST not PvP or Raid them. It gives the tribe an opportunity to build up and not get raided constantly!
• You must have White Flags placed around your base.
• You should also put ‘WF’ as part of your tribe name and dino’s name.
• And send the admin a Messages: “tribename”WF
• The White Flag tribe MUST also NOT take part in PvP/Raid during their white flag period on any map!
• If a Non-White Flag tribe raids/pvps a White Flag tribe, the attacking tribe will be punished!
• If a White Flag tribe raids/pvps a Non-White Flag tribe, the attacking tribe will be wiped instantly!
• You can stay a White Flag tribe for a maximum period of 1 week

-we DO NOT refund you stuff if you are meshed unless you are on an OB (official building) server or have purchased mesh protection
- No mesh biting in crouch spots this will result in dino wipe for the tribe
- No Auto Breeding This Crashes The Server!
- No Rule On Caging!
- We Don’t Rollback Unless Admin Error
- No disrespect to Admins unless In shit chat channel
- NO punishment! For scammers,Insiders and ally raids! Choose your friends carefully and be careful at deals!
- No building in holes in the map you will be wiped
-Speaking about booting or capturing IP’s, in game or out of game is a bannable offense at admins discretion
- We do not condone meshing and mershers will be wiped and or banned!
However if you have mesh turrets AND ONLY meshed turrets and these do not interfere with legit pvp (is killing players from the mesh) they will be noted and over looked however if these mesh turrets are shooting players not meshed there will be a punishment!
Do not ask for us to help and do not tag us to help!! WE DO NOT CONDONE MESHING. The risk is yours to take.

1. We are a professional and mature server and expect everybody to uphold on this. We do not accept childish behavior or foul language.
2. Harassing other players is forbidden. This includes Nazi content, insults, sexist and radical expressions as well as verbal abuse.
3. Excessive trash talk will result in a kick/ban from the game/discord.



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