A new 24/7 PvP server is now up and running on the PlayStation 4, looking for people to help build a great community!

The admin tribe is looking to make a fun community that everyone can play the game without all the headaches and the drama. We will be offering community events weekly and our own evolution events every few weeks where we bump up our own boosted rates!

Speaking of our rates, here are the basics you need to worry about:

5x Taming; 5x Harvesting; 5x EXP Gain; Longer Days and Shorter Nights; Higher torpor for that extra challenge; Increased Dino Stats!

Like every unofficial server we do have some ground rules:

1: No building on the volcano, herbivore/carnivore island, or around the obelisks.

- Blocking spawns is not allowed. Any structure violating this rule
will be given a 2-hour notice before they are destroyed.

2: Do not be a dick to others. PvP is obviously allowed, but dropping Terror Birds into a level 5’s taming pen to kill their tame is not okay.

3: Cave building is permitted, but you may not restrict access to caves. If someone needs to go down in there for an artifact or resources let them through.

The admins will not spawn in anything to benefit the admin tribe and will only spawn in things for community events or if a need for an admin command arises. The admin tribe will never full out wipe unless good reason is provided and will participate in PvP aspects of this game, especially if provoked. We are a friendly group of people and hope the community we build is the same.

Some things you can look forward to on this server:

• Increased rates!

• Weekly community events!

• Dodo Fight Club!

• No admin abuse!

• Monthly cleaning on the beaches!

• Hunger Games!

• Treasure Hunts!

• Our own evolution events!

• An overall fun server!

So come find us at 247ArkisLife5x and be sure to add the server host (hostserver420) on your friend’s list for easy access to the server. As a precaution to let us know you’ve read the rules, please add the word bacon to your friend request message.

We hope to see you there!

- House Targaryen
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