EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster

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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 42 players
Taming-Value 8-times
Breeding-Value 15-times
XP-Value 3-times
Harvesting-Value 5-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Koba
Votes 4
Hits 66
Country Germany DE


Launch Trailer

Hello Survivors and Welcome to Ark Madness Cluster Servers

Here we offer a pure PvP server where you can prove yourselves whether Experienced players or New Player everyone can build up here and if given the end content of Ark to reach.

We try to provide you with a nice game experience, we have adapted the beacons with the most necessary ones like kibble, structures, ammo and more (no boosted beacons Tek or elements !!!) You can find the white beacons starter kit with it quite fast what can put on the legs.

Our servers have been adapted so that professionals as well as solo players get along well. By activating ORP (Offline Raid Protection) your dinosaurs and structures are protected considering that there is a certain amount of time before ORP activates.

Interest aroused? Then simply enter in the filter "Ark Madness" and on request server joins!

for further questions and information use our Facebook group EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster

Our clusters

▶ EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster - The Island
▶ EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster - Ragnarok
▶ EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster - Aberration
▶ EU Ark Madness PvP Cluster - Extinction

Server settings

▶ ORP = Active after 15 min.
▶ XP = 4,5
▶ Taiming = x8
▶ Harvesting = x5
▶ Admin Log = Active
▶ Display damage = Active
▶ Player visible on Map = Active
▶ Max 3 members per tribe
▶ Day and night cycle adjusted
▶ Players and Dinos Stats adjusted
▶ Friendly Fire = Active
▶ Baby Mature Speed = x15
▶ Egg Hatch Speed = x20
▶ Unlimited Mindwipe usable for forgetting
▶ Max Wild Dinos 210

▶▶▶ RULES ◀◀◀◀

● Cheating/ bugusing/ glitching is forbidden (e.g. floating base, building under the map etc.)!

● Use German or English in Global-Chat (Voice-, Ally-, Tribe- and Local are free for all languages).

● Changing your tribe's name makes you lose all your rights (e.g raid protection) but you're still bound to your duties (e.g. respecting the raid protection of others).

● Attacking a base during the ORP cooldown is allowed.

● Killing passive dinos is allowed. Every tribe has to take care of their own security. Raiders are allowed to take advantage of a tribe that fails to do so.

● Blocking beacons, artifacts and bigger amounts of resources (5+ spawns) is forbidden. This includes beaver & penguin spawns.

● Reserving construction sites is forbidden (for example, with foundations, pillars or gates).

● Daily raids of the same tribe - also through various tribes (e.g. unofficial alliances) - is forbidden. Everyone has the right to build up!
At least 48 hours must have pasted before a tribe is allowed to attack the same tribe again. In case of a dispute the attacker has to provide evidence that the second raid was legal.

● Combat logging is forbidden. Any allegations have to be proven by the attacking tribe in fom of screenshots or videos. Only screenshots showing the ingame date, player name and tribe affiliation will be valid.



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