24/7 Ragnarok/Aberration/Extinction PVP

PSN Name ROCKstar728 - (Show information about this player)
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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 26 players
Taming-Value 3-times
Breeding-Value 4-times
XP-Value 2-times
Harvesting-Value 2-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Anthony Wisecup
Votes 0
Hits 346
Country United Kingdom GB


# 24/7 PvP Cluster

Hey everyone! I want to extend a welcome invitation to anyone that would like to join our cluster! We have a current player base of around 20 people split amongst 6 tribes and we’re always looking for more people to join our community. Our cluster is slightly boosted and a fairly limited ruleset (ruleset below is an outlne; more details are listed in our discord). We also have a Discord server set up for the populace to talk amongst one another.

We have people from mainly the US & UK, with a few Australians I believe; with that said, we also have 3 admins (2 UK based, 1 US) to ensure an admin is typically available. Admin commands also post to the global chat to help ease concerns of admin abuse.

If you’re interested in joining our server, please feel free to hop on the Discord (https://discord.gg/HF7GGVy) and check out the servers listed below! If you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to DM me here, Discord (Bage1s00 (Compy Stompers)) or PSN (ROCKstar728).

**Upcoming Events:**
- 15-20 January Starter Packs for new tribes (to include 1 max level Pterry)
- 19 January Land, Air & Sea Arena Battles
- 1 February TheIsland or TheCenter will be opening
- 1 February Battle Royale event on new map

**Server Names:**
- 24/7 Ragnarok PVP
- 24/7 Aberration PVP
- 24/7 Extinction PVP

**Boosted Rates:**
- 300 max level Wild Dinos (360 for Wyvern/Rock Drakes/Tek)
- 2x XP (harvesting XP .75)
- 1.75x Harvesting
- 3x Taming
- 4x Breeding Maturation
- 3x Cave Damage

**Server Rules:**
- Max 6 per tribe
- Communal structures (Trading posts, Wyvern trap, etc) are PVP free areas
- No wiping bases (exceptions: FOBs & abandoned bases)
- No passive dino killing
- Aberration: Only small flyers (e.g. Lymantria, Pterrys, Pelagornis, Tapajera)



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