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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 32 players
Taming-Value 5-times
Breeding-Value 5-times
XP-Value 2-times
Harvesting-Value 4-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner J'Ay Kay
Votes 0
Hits 219
Country United Kingdom GB


🗺RAG | AB | ISL🗺

This community aims to be, fun, friendly and respectful. Use your common sense when interacting with other players, PvP with respect, and overly personal verbal assaults will not be tolerated.

While map owners will do everything they can to assist you, and standardise our level of assistance to ensure fairness, decisions are made at our discretion.


° Upon joining, you must register your tribe. Include the tribe owner, members, (PS4 and character names) and maps. If you want to use a kibble-tribe then that should be included in the tribe listing.

° Registered kibble-tribes forfeit "offline protection" when main-tribe is online.

° Tribes or players remaining unregistered after 3 days are exempt from any and all protections, and therefore wipe able.

° Alternate characters must be registered.


Communal areas are not to be built on unless otherwise stated. This includes all obelisks, artifact spawns, and boss-fight locations. If you decide to break this rule the structure will be demolished.


Communal structures are painted orange and are free-to-use by server members.. They will be owned by the admin tribe, "Communal." These areas are meant to help players, and foster events, so please be courteous to other players when these are being used.
Do not destroy communal structures. If you see that they are damaged then let us know.


Destroy no longer used structures:
° Starter huts
° Unnecessary traps
° Moving base locations => destroy old base


[ PvP ]

° For new players to receive a 2-week grace period they must notify a map owner.These periods are optional. Established tribes that continue onto other maps do not receive another grace period.  Players that merge into established tribes forfeit their grace.

° Foundation wipes are prohibited. Destroy what is necessary, leaving nothing but foundations is considered a foundation wipe.

° No griefing. Do not harass people through private messages or in-game chat. Innapropriate verbal abuse is not prohibited. Give recently raided tribes time to repair.

° Offline raiding is prohibited.

° Purposeful turret (bullet) draining is considered an act of war even if a  direct attack is not initiated.

° Passive tame killing is frowned upon but not illegal. Do not needlessly slaughter large amounts of passive tames. Kibble-tribe tames follow this rule.

° Tames left out in a public area may or may not be killed, this applies for anywhere on the map that is not your base. Killing tames in bases however is considered offline raiding and again, is prohibited.

° Combat-logging will be ignored during active raids. When initiating a raid take a screenshot of the players online in the map you are raiding on (click options in-game) this is to protect you if someone says they were offline.

° If you're being attacked, you can negotiate terms or outright surrender. Hostages are allowed but remember that this is a game and people are here to play and have fun. Negotiate terms of ransom or release to those involved.

Terms of Surrender:
° Turn off all generators.
° Put all tames on passive.
° Unlock all containers.


° Absolutely no fliers on ab, this includes eggs, and shoulder mounts.

° New tribes may receive one level 112 (75) rockdrake. Tribes that merge after each receiving a drake must return one to a map owner.

[ MISC. ]

° Do not undermesh. Do not intentionally duplicate items.

° Do not leave wood in beaver dams when collecting CP.

° Do not leave unwanted wyvern/drake eggs dropped in random locations. Eat unwanted eggs.

° If your tame gets claimed by another member, you may ask for them to return it but know that they are not required to do so. It is theirs now.

°Automatic sever restart is at 9:30am GMT (5:30am EST), when the server restarts it completes a wild dino wipe.

Members going on vacation or medical leave will receive HIATUS status, which is dark grey. Refrain from violating their bases during their absence. Any members choosing to "take a break" may do so but will not receive hiatus status.


If you don’t wish to stay then we’re sorry to see you go and wish you well. Please don’t just abandon it though, we ask that you do what you can to destroy/donate your things on the way out.

All rule infringement punishments will be decided upon by map owners at their discretion.
😁 Fun and active discord community
❌ No admin abuse
🎉 Events
👆🏼 Plenty of admin assistance
📦 Starter pack



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