PvP + PvE Knork Survival/ All Maps - 200+ Player Currently! No W

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We have more than 150 active players currently online!
PVP and PVE - 10 Server - all maps in our Cluster!
#1 german private servers for Ark Survival Evolved!
*NEW max Lvl 165 and Modded Drops NEW*
Servers will never be Wipe!

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we’re looking for more brave survivors for our Knork Survival Mega Cluster! We deliver your a longtime ark experience. We don’t wipe our servers, we keep the clean from the beginning with our nice adminteam. We’ll give our best to keep things going.
We never use cheat or admin commands for personal benefits. The owner doesn’t take part in the game for fun but he check out the logs daily to keep a watch on the admins.

You are welcome to join our Cluster! We want you to enjoy our unique gameplay where PVE and PVP players can trade, explore and have fun together at the same map for the first time. We established a fair PVP-system, so big tribes can’t wipe out smaller ones without any punishment. So tribe wars will always be balanced. In a PVE tribe you can build up something nice without being afraid of getting wiped, too.

For the rough ones we got our server #8 +9, where no rules apply. It’s an open PVP-Server on a ragnarok and Extinction map, where there is no protection for PVE players and no you can’t receive any compensation you are wiped by a bigger tribe.

You can find our rules and more information and Forum on:


Our facebook group:

Our benefits:
- big community: 150+ active players, 10 servers
- We do server-wars.
- We’ll stay!
- no periodic server wipes (We keep them clean from the beginning, by deleting abandoned structures.)
- Respectful and helpful community. You won’t stay alone!
- solo players will have no problems
- Get rewards for supporting the community
- No pay2win! We have a strict zero tolerance politic about trading with real money!
- daily admin-support via PSN
- We installed medium-balanced rates to fasten you up, but keeping it fun!
- We included tags to differentiate PVE & PVP tribes. You can change from PVE to PVP ONCE!
- On server#8 and 9 PVE-players can play PVP without losing PVE status on the other servers. But keep in mind - there is no mercy!

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Knork Survival

See you soon!
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