Thunderdome (BOOSTED) 24/7 PvP (CLUSTERED)

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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 32 players
Taming-Value 25-times
Breeding-Value 20-times
XP-Value 7-times
Harvesting-Value 10-times
Password protected?
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Jeffrey Potts
Votes 0
Hits 1021
Country United States US


Thunderdome (BOOSTED) 24/7 PVP (CLUSTERED) is a 3 clustered server with The island & Ragnarok & Abberration. Ragnarok has Aberration Dino's that spawn wild. They both can be found under unoffical Pc Sessions. We strongly encourage players to join, this server is by far or will be the best server to play, have fun, strategize an attack or simply build your empire from the ground up. We are exited to invite players of all experience to join us. This server is 100% Free and not password protected. There is Offline Raid protection during the weekdays weekends it is turn off to get your raid on. We have about 15 players on Ragnarok and usually no one is on early mornings the island has about 5 they don't play much. This server does offer a General store where you can buy for resources other resources along with dinos. We do offer a starter pack which includes 1 Tek Teleporter, 1 Tek generator 10 stacks of element so you get to the general store without any problems. We try to hold weekly events where everyone has a chance of winning green, red or blue gems where you can use to purchase items for the general store where you will complete in the Thunderdome from PvP to dino vs dino. Every 3 players you recruit you will receive more Gems or any great ideas that are implemented.
What this server offers:
ORP Weekdays only.
25X Taming.
10X Resource Gathering.
20X Hatching Speed.
20X Imprinting.
25X Mature Speed.
7X XP Building.
310 Max level for survivors.
310 Max level for Dino's after tamed level.
Modded drops.
All engrams auto unlock.
All Tek engrams at level 1.
Friendly community.
This is a PVP server within reason unfortunately there is rules only 3 of them they are very simple rules. These rules include no hardcore raiding and/or griefing which means don't raid the same person or tribe day after day hour after hour spread it out a little bit. Try not to kill passive tames unfortunately it does happen just don't make it a signature. Last but not least there is zero tolerance for Server wiping no one will ever be banned or kicked from the server for breaking these rules. Weekends is full PvP all gloves are off just try your best not to server wipe.



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