OcAusNz Boosted PvP/PvE (x3 XP, x5 Taming/Breeding)

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Hosted Server? 100 Mbit 24/7 online
Server map Ragnarok
Daily availability 247
Players Max. 70 players
Taming-Value 5-times
Breeding-Value 5-times
XP-Value 5-times
Harvesting-Value 4-times
Password protected?
Public password? - contact server owner directly for password
Upload speed 50 Mbit or above
Category PVP-Server
Server Owner Kayla McClure
Votes 0
Hits 655
Country Australia AU


OcAusNz - PvP/PvE Rules (to join visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/arkocausnz/)

Welcome to the server! We understand that there is a lot of information below, but please read everything carefully to ensure you fully understand our expectations from you, and what you can expect from us.

This dedicated server is hosted on PC, for PS4 players. This is an expensive service provided by an external company in exchange for a monthly fee. To manage this monthly fee, we require all members to offset the cost by paying a yearly subscription of $10.00 USD (as opposed to the admins paying the full fee).

Map: Ragnarok
Server up-time: 24/7
Harvesting/XP: x3
Taming/Breeding: x5
Food consumption: x1
Max Difficulty: Creature level 150
Cave Flying: On
Building Decay: On
Longer days to nights
Better stamina, oxygen, and food


*** New Members ***


Please only take what you need! Your two week protection period starts from the date you supply in the form below. You cannot join the server before this date. This is a period for you to establish yourself without being attacked by other players.

Select: "Jungle 2" as your spawn point. Head towards the Blue Obelisk for shelter and basic equipment to get you started.


*** Rules for all ***

- Initiating an attack on another player will immediately void your protection.

- If you join an established tribe you are no longer protected.

- DO NOT trash talk, bully or abuse other players on Facebook or Global Chat. Keep it civil and private. Don't get admins involved unless rules are being broken. This includes everything from physical threats to making fun of someone's profile picture. Just don't be rude.

- If any rules are broken, you must show evidence in the form of screenshots or video capture. Use the share button on your controller when possible. No-one likes looking at blurry images and jittery videos taken from a mobile phone. You can share this information with the admins however you like - ie. PM via Facebook or PSN if you have to.

- Admins are not permitted to use admin commands to gain an advantage over other players. Admins are to be treated and to behave like any other player on the server.

- Base wiping is BANNED. When raiding another player, the objective is to steal equipment and blueprints, not to wipe them from the server. 80% of all foundations AND passive creatures must not be harmed. If a creature attacks you, it doesn't count as passive. Any tribe/player found breaching this rule will need to help the victims rebuild or penalties (including permanent bans) will apply. If two tribes want to battle it out, agree on a neutral location where you can go head to head.

- Building in caves and on rivers is allowed, however caves with artifacts must still be accessible. Try not to block minerals from spawning by building on top or too close to spawn locations. Resource locations (marked in blue on the map) MUST remain accessible to players.

- Wyvern must remain in their spawn location (marked in red on the map). No leading them away or into another players base.

- Whilst the server is backed up daily, technical issues still happen. Sometimes bugs are introduced or data centers experience outages. Any such incidents are out of our control and admins will not be expected to compensate you (in-game or otherwise).

- Any players found intentionally exploiting glitches will be penalised. If your actions cause the server to crash, or impact another players' experience negatively, you will be banned permanently.

If you have any questions, please post them on Facebook.
Admins will respond when they are available (ie. Outside work and sleep hours).


White Flag rule (PvE players)

If you select "PvE player" on this form, you are agreeing to the following:
- Your tribe MUST have "PvE" in the title.
- You can NOT switch to PvP without admin approval.
- In addition to this, you will be required to start again fresh (new base, new character, new tames).
- Your base MUST have an outer wall OR walls on your main home painted white (supplies will be provided).
- PvE tribes can not be in an alliance with a PvP tribe.
- PvE players can not attack any other player or tribes.
- PvE tribes found supplying PvP tribes with equipment used in raids will have their PvE status removed.
- PvE tribes found assisting PvP tribes while raiding another player will have their PvE status removed.
- In addition to the above, they will also receive a warning.
- They may also be asked to start again from scratch as a PvP player.
- PvE players can not join a PvP tribe.

PvP players found attacking, killing, griefing or raiding new players or PvE players will:
- Receive a warning, and also be required to replace all damage done (creatures, structures, materials, equipment).

- 3 warnings of any type will result in an immediate and irreversible ban from the server.
- Anyone who is banned permanently will not be refunded or compensated for any losses.

Please provide a valid email address, as this is how the server details will be communicated to you (once payment has been received). Please ensure you remain a member of the facebook group also for updates.



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